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Latest Outer Hebrides Bird and Wildlife Sightings. Please note that the sightings below do not reflect the variety of species you can see in a normal day out birding or wildlife watching. These reports concentrate on more unusual species or significant counts or movements.

20th July:

Lewis: A Little Egret was seen at Loch an Duin, Upper Aird, Point today.

North Uist: The Grasshopper Warbler was singing in Carinish again this afternoon.

Insects: 2 Painted Ladies were seen on the machair at Torlum. A Ringlet was seen in South Glendale.

Marine Sightings: A Minke Whale is being regularly seen in the Sound of Harris from the boat with Ocean Guides.

Ringlet Mottled Grasshopper Marmalade Hoverfly Scaeva pyrastri
Ringlet (John Kemp); Mottled Grasshopper, Marmalade Hoverly and Scaeva pyrastri (Steve Duffield)


19th July:

Harris: A White-winged Black Tern is over the dunes at Seilebost, east of the school (first seen here a 14th July).

North Uist: A Grasshopper Warbler was singing in Carinish this morning.

South Uist: 3 Swifts flew east at Loch Skipport this afternoon.

Insects: 438 moths and 33 species of moths were trapped at Carinish last night including a Dark Sword-grass and the micros Endothenia quadrimaculana and Mompha propinquella.

Mompha propinquella Mompha propinquella (Steve Duffield)


18th July:

North Uist: 2 Swifts flew south over Carinish this evening. The 1st summer Glaucous Gull was at Loch Paible today.

South Uist: An immature Iceland Gull was at Ardivachar this morning.

Insects: 214 moths and 21 species were trapped at Druidibeg last night including 56 Chestnut-coloured Carpets, 6 Scotch Annulets, 19 Bordered Grey, 2 Juniper Pugs, 2 Wormwood Pugs, 2 Minor Shoulder-knot and 74 True Lover's Knots. Also 20 Bactra lancealana, 6 Aphelia viburnana and a Bryotropha terrella netted this morning. At South Glendale 113 moths and 38 species included 2 Scarce Silver Y, 4 Burnished Brass, 1 Grey Mountain Carpet, 1 Treble-bar, 1 Arran Carpet, 2 Pinion-streaked Snout, 1 Archer's Dart as well as 1 Zeiraphera ratzeburgiana, 1 Eudonia mercurella, 6 Notocelia uddmanniana.

Bordered Grey Grey Mountain Carpet Juniper Pug
Bordered Grey, Grey Mountain Carpet and Juniper Pug (John Kemp)


17th July:

Lewis: 53 Black-tailed Godwits dropped in at pools between Cross and Skigersta this evening.

North Uist: 2 Whimbrel were in Carinish.

South Uist: The Iceland Gull is still at Kildonan.


16th July:

Lewis: A Sooty Shearwater and 5 Storm Petrels were seen from the Ullapool - Stornoway ferry this afternoon

North Uist: The 1st summer Glaucous Gull was at Loch Sandary this afternoon.

South Uist: The immature Iceland Gull is still at Kildonan.


15th July:

South Uist: 14 Storm Petrels, 46 Manx Shearwaters, 11 Puffins, 1 Great Skua and 2 Arctic Skuas flew south off Ardvule this morning.


14th July:

Barra: A Rose-coloured Starling was on Vatersay and the Glaucous Gull was at Craigston. A House Martin was at Eoligarry.


13th July:

North Uist: A Glaucous Gull was at Loch Sandary this afternoon.

Barra: A Glaucous Gull was at Allasdale today.

Insects: 120 moths and 33 species were caught in South Glendale last night which included a Middle-barred Minor, 46 True Lover's Knots, 1 Scarce Silver Y, 1 Beautiful Golden Y, 1 Burnished Brass, 2 Spectacle and Single-dotted Wave – new for the Outer Hebrides. 40 species and 170 moths were trapped at Eochar including 12 Lempke's Gold Spot and 4 Oblique Carpet amongst many others.

Marine Sightings: 3 Minke Whales were off Leinis, Barra.

White-tailed Eagle Catopria margaritella Lempke's Gold Spot Single-dotted Wave Crambus ericella
White-tailed Eagle (Mary Lewis); Catoptria margaritella and Lempke's Gold Spot (Robin Sutton); Single-dotted Wave and Crambus ericella (John Kemp)


12th July:

Lewis: 2 Swifts were seen in Ness today at Skigersta.

Insects: A Dark Green Fritillary, 4 Meadow Brown, 2 Common Blue and 2 Small Tortoiseshell were seen in a garden at Carnan today. 7 Large Heath butterflies were seeb at Druidibeg while moths included 1 Chestnut-coloured Carpet, 4 Six-spot Burnet  10 Brown China-mark, 3 Aphelia viburnana, Acleris aspersana, 6 Epinotia cruciana, and a Crambus ericella.


10th July:

Insects: 131 moths and 45 species were caught on Eriskay last night including 6 Scotch Annulets, 4 Chevrons, 1 Rustic, 9 Purple Clay, 3 Ingrailed Clay, 1 Grass Rivulet, 1 Ghost Moth, 1 Map-winged Swift, 2 Pyrausta despicata, Agapeta hamana, Eudonia mercurella, 2 Eana penziana, Aphelia paleana, Epinotia cruciana, Bryotropha terrella, Coleophora striatipennella, Coleophora taeniipennella and Coleophora glaucicolella. 193 moths adn 38 species were trapped at Loch Carnan including a Double Lobed and 23 Sraw Dots. 192 moths and 37 species were trapped at Eochar including 4 Lempke's Gold Spot, 2 Oblique Carpet and 2 Pinion-streaked Snouts. A Thyme Pug was caught in South Glendale.

Pretty Pinion Lime-speck Pug Epinotia cruciana Thyme Pug
Pretty Pinion and Lime-speck Pug (Robin Sutton); Epinotia cruciana and Thyme Pug (John Kemp)


9th July:

Lewis: A Buff-breasted Sandpiper was found feeding on the clifftop around 700m south of the lighthouse at the Butt today.

South Uist: 4 Black-tailed Godwits were on Loch Hallan today.


8th July:

Insects: 116 moths and 34 species were caught in South Glendale last night including Dotted Clay, Wormwood Pug, Small Rivulet, July Highflyer, Pinion-streaked Snout,  Bactra lancealana, Bactra lacteana and Eudonia pallida.


7th July:

North Uist: A Glaucous Gull was at Loch Dusary.

South Uist: 2 Sandwich Terns flew north at Orosay this morning. The male Blackcap is still in Askernish.

Marine Sightings: Around 60 - 80 Common Dolphins were seen from the Lochmaddy - Uig crossing early this afternoon.

Common Dolphins Common Dolphins Common Dolphins Common Dolphins (Steve Duffield)


6th July:

North Uist: The adult Semipalmated Sandpiper is still at Aird an Runair thos morning; also a Sandwich Tern over there.

Benbecula: A 2nd summer Iceland Gull was in Stinky Bay this afternoon.

Insects: 113 moths and 37 species were trapped in South Glendale last night including 18 Drinker, 2 Snout, 1 Scarce Silver Y, 1 Burnished Brass and micros Bactra lacteana, 4 Bactra lancealana and 2 Notocelia uddmanniana. Moths trapped in Carinish included an Archer's Dart, a Shark, a Silver Y, Narrow-winged Pug and 4 Light Emerald.

fledgling Arctic Tern adult Semipalmated Sandpiper adult Semipalmated Sandpiper 2nd summer Iceland Gull
Arctic Tern, Semipalmated Sandpiper and Iceland Gull (Steve Duffield)


5th July:

North Uist: An adult Semipalmated Sandpiper and Curlew Sandpiper were at Aird an Runair today.

South Uist: A male Blackcap was in Askernish.

Marine Sightings: A beaked whale was reported off Tiumpan Head this afternoon

Insects: 36 Pretty Pinions, 2 Map-winged Swifts, 1 Archer's Dart, Bryotropha terrella and Gynnidomorpha permixtana were caught on Daliburgh machair last night. 3 Grey Scalloped Bar, 8 Mottled Beauty, 1 Smoky Wainscot, 1 Campion, 1 Scarce Silver Y and 5 Notocelia uddmanniana were trapped in South Glendale.

Semipalmated Sandpiper Semipalmated Sandpiper Semipalmated Sandpiper Semipalmated Sandpiper with Dunlin Curlew Sandpiper
Semipalmated Sandpiper and Curlew Sandpiper (Steve Duffield)

Mottled Beauty Scarce Silver Y
Mottled Beauty and Scarce Silver Y (John Kemp)


4th July:

North Uist: A Curlew Sandpiper was at Aird an Runair. The 1st summer Glaucous Gull was at Loch Sandary.

Insects: 2 Beautiful Golden Y, 4 Burnished Brass, 6 Drinkers, a Flame Carpet 1, Fox Moth, Garden Tiger, 3 Green Carpet 3, Grey Pug, 2 Ingrailed Clay , a Light Emerald, Lime-speck Pug, 3 Pebble Prominent, a Small Wainscot. 13 Straw Dot and a Spectacle were trapped at Carnan last night amongst others. A Dark Brocade, Northern Rustic, Ingrailed Clay, Campion, 2 Pretty Pinion and a single Ancylis subarcuana were caught oon Eriskay whilst a Beautiful Golden Y, Light Arches, 4 Poplar Hawk-moths, 2 Purple Bar, 3 Mottled Beauty and Phiaris schulziana were trapped in South Glendale.

Ancylis subarcuana Arctic Tern Curlew Sandpiper Otter Otter
Ancylis subarcuana (John Kemp); Arctic Tern, Curlew Sandpiper and Otter (Steve Duffield)


3rd July:

Insects: A Carpatolechia proximella, Argyresthia retinella, 2 Leucoptera spartifoliella and a Red Admiral were seen at North Loch Eynort today. 2 Painted Ladies were at Langass Wood today.

Leucoptera spartifoliella Leucoptera spartifoliella (John Kemp)


2nd July:

North Uist: A Siskin was in Langass Wood.

Barra: The Rose-coloured Starling is still at Eoligarry.


1st July:

South Uist: The 2nd cal yr Icelad Gull is still at Kildonan.