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Latest Outer Hebrides Bird and Wildlife Sightings 2019

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17th July:

Lewis: A Swift was seen over Loch Tiumpan.


16th July:

Insects: At least 850 moths trapped in South Glendale last night with 482 True Lover's Knot being by far the commonest. Also included 8 Scarce Silver Y, 1 Rustic, 5 Snout, 1 Marbled Coronet, 1 Dark Spinach, 1 Archer's Dart and 3 Small Rivulet. A host of micros included 2 Eudonia mercurella, 3 Eudonia pallida, 1 Gillmeria pallidactyla, 2 Bactra furfurana, 5 Aethes rubigana and 6 Catoptria margaritella. 83 moths of 24 species were caught at Carnan including 2 Double Lobed.

Dark Spinach Dark Spinach (John Kemp)


15th July:

Lewis: The Rose-coloured Starling is still in Barvas.

Insects: A Straw Dot, Heart & Dart, 2 Six-striped Rustic, 8 Garden Tiger, 8 Antler Moths, 2 Eana osseana, 3 Eana penziana, Bryotropha terrella, 2 Cochylis atricapitana, 7 Eucosma cana and 3 Rhigognostis annulatella. were caught at Ardvule last night.

Rhigognostis annulatella Rhigognostis annulatella (John Kemp)


13th July

Insects: A Scalloped Shell was trapped at North Loch Eynort last night (the first record for the Outer Hebs).

Marine Sightings: 2 Fin Whales were seen in the Minch off Lewis today.

Scalloped Shell Scalloped Shell (John Kemp)


12th July:

Lewis: The Rose-coloured Starling is still in Barvas.

North Uist: 2 x 2nd cal yr Glaucous Gulls were near Rubh' Arnal.

Insects: 96 moths of 27 species were caught at Carnan last night including Bright-line brown eye 2, Buff Ermine 1, Burnished Brass 10, Common Pug 1, Dark Arches 1, Double Square Spot 1, Drinker Moth 10, Elephant Hawkmoth 4, Flame Shoulder 3, Grass Rivulet 3, July Highflyer 4, Large Yellow Underwing 3, Map-winged Swift 2, Middle Barred Minor 4, Poplar Hawkmoth 2, Silver Ground Carpet 1, Six Striped Rustic 1, Small Square Spot 3, Straw Dot 22, Campion 1, Magpie 5, Snout 8, Spectacle 1, True Lover's Knot 1, White Ermine 1 and Evergestis pallidata 1

Cuckoo Long-eared Owl Cuckoo and juvenile Long-eared Owl (Steve Duffield)


11th July:

North Uist: A 2nd cal yr Glaucous Gull flew north-west along the shore at Baleshare this morning. A Quail was heard calling near the campsite at Balranald this morning.

South Uist: Birds flying south today at Ardvule included 51 Gannets (+63N), 4 Storm Petrels, 72 Manx Shearwaters, 6 Fulmars, 5 Red-breasted Mergansers, 12 Razorbills, 16 Puffins, 3 Great Skuas, 1 Common Tern while 6 Little Terns flew N. At least 18 Arctic Terns present.

Insects: A Humminbird Hawkmoth was on Baleshare near the coastal car park this morning.

Bonxies at Ardvule Bonxies (John Kemp)


10th July:

Lewis: The Rose-coloured Starling is still in Barvas this morning.

North Uist: The Rose-coloured Starling was seen at Scotvein this morning; also a Whitethroat here. A female Common Crossbill was in Langass Wood.

South Uist: Birds south at Ardvule this morning included 67 Gannets, 10 Storm Petrels, 7 Manx Shearwaters, 5 Fulmars and an Arctic Skua.

Storm Petrel, Ardvule Storm Petrel (John Kemp)


9th July:

Lewis: A Rose-coloured Starling was seen in Barvas today.

Harris: A Rose-coloured Starling was seen Luskentyre near the beack car park late afternoon.

South Uist: Birds flying south at Ardvule this morning included 3 Red-throated Divers, 46 Gannets, 2 Fulmars, 46 Manx Shearwaters, 21 Storm Petrels, 1 Lesser Black-backed Gull, 3 Kittiwakes and 1 Sandwich Tern; also present were a Great Northern Diver and a Whimbrel.

Rosy Starling Sandwich Tern Storm Petrel Common White Wave
Rose-coloured Starling (Wendy Sambells); Sandwich Tern, Storm Petrel and Common White Wave (John Kemp)


8th July:

North Uist: 2 Black-tailed Godwits were at Loch na Reivil today. A 2nd cal yr Glaucous Gull was on Baleshare today.

Barra: A Pomarine Skua was seen off Brevig.

Insects: Lots of Painted Lady butterflies still around. Moth trapping on Daliburgh machair last night prodecued 1 Light Arches, 4 Archer's Dart, 16 Pretty Pinion, 2 Lime-speck Pugs, 1 Celypha cespitana, 1 Bryotropha terrella, 1 Plutella xylostella and 2 Anerastia lotella. 2 Grass Rivulets, Aphelia viburnana, 2 Eana osseana, 2 Celypha lacunana, Dichrorampha petiverella, Diamond-back Moth and a Silver Y were seen along the coast at Buisdale this afternoon.

Dichrorampha petiverella Light Arches juvenile Willow Warbler
Dichrorampha petiverella, Light Arches and Willow Warbler (John Kemp)


7th July:

Marine Sightings: 10 Fin Whales were reported off Tiumpan Head this morning.


6th July:

North Uist: A 2nd cal yr Glaucous Gull was seen at Loch Paible.

South Uist: A Black-tailed Godwit was at Loch Hallan. 4 Whimbrel were at Ardvule and 2 Storm Petrels were feeding close in off the point around midday.

Marine Sightings: 3 Minke Whales, 9 Risso's Dolphins and dozens of Common Dolphins were feeding in the distance off Brevig, Barra this afternoon along with 2 Basking Sharks.

Dichrorampha montanana Dichrorampha montanana (John Kemp)


5th July:

North Uist: A Ruff was at Loch Sandary today. The Rose-coloured Starling was seen on Grimsay again this morning.

South Uist: Southerly passage at Ardvule this morning produced 79 Gannets, 1 Great Northern Diver, 3 Fulmar, 272 Manx Shearwaters, 2 Storm Petrels, 4 Razorbills and 3 Kittiwakes while birds flying north were 1 Arctic Skua and 11 Gannets.

Great Northern Diver juvenile Sand Martin Great Northern Diver and Sand Martin (John Kemp)


4th July:

North Uist: The Rose-coloured Starling was seen again on Grimsay.

South Uist: Birds south at Ardvule this morning included 1 Red-throated Diver (+1N), 14 Gannets (+61N), 27 Manx Shearwaters, 2 Fulmar, 2 Storm Petrels, 1 Great Skua, 2 Kittiwakes, 9 Auks sp. (+4N), 4 Razorbills and 6 Puffins.

Marine Sightings: 2 Bottle-nosed Dolphins swam south at Ardvule this morning.


3rd July:

North Uist: The Rose-coloured Starling was seen again on Grimsay.


2nd July:

Lewis: An Osprey was seen in the Lochs area.

North Uist: A Rose-coloured Starling was seen on Grimsay today.

South Uist: 2 Swifts were over Loch Hallan in the afternoon.

Barra: The 2nd cal yr Iceland Gull was at Craigston today.

Insects: Good numbers of Painted Lady butterflies are around the island with at least 50 in Loch Eynort alone today.

Corn Bunting Red-breasted Merganser Otter in North Uist Otter in Lochmaddy
Corn Bunting, Red-breasted Merganser and Otter (Steve Duffield)


1st July:

Marine Sightings: 10+ White-sided Dolphins and 2 Minke Whales were seen from the Stornoway - Ullapool ferry this morning. 2 Minke Whales were seen off Ronay from the Lady Anne this afternoon.